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3 definitions by Abb!3 - D33

If you are a suspicicous character then you would be considered 'creepin'...plus, if you look quite shady and up to something then the word also applies to yourself. BEWARE!! TH WORLD WILL BE TAKED OVER BE CREEPERS!!
''Yii, he's propa creepin'!!''
by Abb!3 - D33 May 17, 2007
Sheakin is basically the same as creepin' bt if you are Sheakin, then you are considered more suspicious and more of a weirdo!!
'This kid is propa Shneakin!'
by Abb!3 - D33 May 17, 2007
After many amounts af alcohol, one becomes totally fluffed. Unable to establish the wherabouts...one also becomes totally vulnerable.-
''Aww god, for fucks sake...am fluffed!!!''
by Abb!3 - D33 May 17, 2007