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2 definitions by Abarthel

A small coastal town in Carteret county North Carolina with a population of 4,197. with nothing to do in the winter, most of the time spent in Newport is looking for bud, and spending money on 40oz's. It's neighboring towns include Morehead City, Havelock (Cherry Point MCAS), and Mill Creek.
Yo man, we need to find a way into Newport so i can pick my weed up.
by Abarthel March 01, 2009
A stupid little sticker people from ohio and shit, buy while vacationing here in North Carolina. Mostly bought and repped by people that have been there only once or twice.

These stickers are used by the redneck locals to find out who they need to shoot next.
Jim Bob: He man look at that there OBX sticker, i know he aint a local.

Alex: Go home, your ruining my beach i've grown up to fuckers.
by Abarthel March 01, 2009