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The undeniable truth that Americans are spending there energy disputing others opinions that differ from their own, instead of making a definable definition of themselves and their own actions in the real world. Hence making the culture that we live in now prone to mindless banter about subjects that are amazingly uninteresting. Also in leaving a gap between the intelligence that is tangible and widely understood and the intelligence that is in your own imagination, or a product of the misinformation that is so widely marketed to people.
By simply disputing my own definition and not posting your own newly original definition you are contributing to The Dumbing Down Of America.
I am aware as well that by writing this I am contributing too.

Bill: Hey, Jim I can't seem to understand why it's important to learn tolerance, understanding, and self control of my thoughts and actions?
Jim: Well that's why you are direct contributing factor to The Dumbing Down Of America.
Bill: HUH? Is that some sort of newfangled math?
Jim: No, you probably thought the Inquisition was a fun retreat for non believers.

by AbHol December 04, 2008
1)A abortion preformable in a back alley.
2)A explanation for people that are generally wrong and don't fit in within reasonable logistical thinking.
Jim fucks up royally, sending people to their demise in a leadership role.
Bill:Jim, I can't understand how you could have ever survived the coathanger ride!

Bill is a retard of a boss. His boss, Jim is aware and is planning to fire him.
Jim: If I was your mother I would have put you on a coathanger ride.

by AbHol December 04, 2008

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