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An inexplicable death occurring during a heavily lagging multiplayer game.

The effected player may have full health/shields and/or be completely isolated from any percievable threat; such as, but not limited to, enemy players.
Player 1: Why the fuck did I die!? I had full shields and there's noone near me! Mcsnazzy498 killed me? Where the fuck is he!

Player 2: Shit! People are glitching left and right! This is so laggy!

Player 3: How am I supposed to kill anyone when we're all Lag-Dying?

Player 1: Fuck this game, I'm leaving.
by Ab0mbs August 13, 2009
The eye that you see on an emo since the other one is covered by emo hair. The eye used for lookin'
The emo had to turn her head all the way to the right to put me in the field of view of her lookin' eye
by ab0mbs May 17, 2010
Used when describing a person on the website "Facebook." Power Stalking is when someone comments/likes a post in under a minute from when it was posted. In order for it to be Power Stalking, the person has to do this at least 3 times before declaring it a Power Stalk.
Tommy: Just had some awesome pizza! (30 seconds ago)


Brad: Where did you get it and how did it taste? (20 seconds ago)

Tommy: Brad, you are totally Power Stalking my profile
by ab0mbs February 07, 2011
Used to define the level of "Rape-Ability" a girl may have. This level is calculated using the girls looks. If a girl looks a certain way she may be "asking for it". The level of how much the girl is "asking for it" is defined by the "Rape-Ability."

Levels usually range from LOW to HIGH with a higher level being "RAPED" which constitutes that the girls Rape-Ability level has superseded HIGH and she has in-fact been raped.

Levels can also be converted into a number format or any other level system for that matter. Which girls go into what levels and what each level may represent is for ones own personal decision.

This can become a popular game when in a public place although I advise caution to use quietly to prevent beatings/law persecution.
Bobby: Hey look at that chick with the really short skirt and the massive cleavage. What Rape-Ability level do you think she is?

Johnny: I think she may be medium to a medium high.

Bobby: Couldn't have said it better myself.
by ab0mbs October 02, 2010
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