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This is that white suburban girl whose prideful of laying her ass around all day and letting the genetics prevent her from being morbidly obese, or not. She takes pictures of everything, and when the miracle occurs that she leaves the house she will take pictures and snapchats of the endeavor to make sure the world knows. These journeys will include trips to Starbucks, chipotle or other appropriately 'basic' locations. She is jobless, and one wonders what exactly she does to kill so much time, but in all likelihood, you don't want to know.
That 'basic bitch' just took a picture of her Vanilla Bean with two pumps of raspberry at Starbucks, again.
#suburbia #whitegirl #doomed #generation #hate
by aarontheboss April 10, 2014
The act of hugging another person back to back; putting your arms behind you and across their stomach rather than their back.
Kylan and Lauren were bored of a normal hug, so they hugged backwards, and said they were Back Packing.
#back #packing #hug #hugging #backwards #to
by Aarontheboss September 29, 2010
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