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The little, tight, but moist hole in between your butt cheeks that is used to stick things in like penises and Tim`s dad`s hand.
Tim`s dad totally stuck his whole hand in my butthole last band practice.
by Aarons Mom March 19, 2007
The little fairy that every man has that flys around you and gives you raging erections during school and while your grandmother is fixing your pants zipper.
"Take me erection fairy! Bring me the erection."
"My erection fairy is long dead, and now I cant pleasure my cats."
by Aarons Mom July 13, 2006
When you get smashed in the penis with a sack of doorknobs and your penis goes inside you body and sticks out your ass, giving you a mangina and a ass penis.
"Oh mi gawd i just got impaledded and now i got an ass penis."
"Suck my ass penis."
by Aarons Mom July 13, 2006
A massive gaping organ with tentacles and a mind of a killer and the balls of a pedophile.
Holy shit, Tom Clancy's penis just destroyed my house and paralyzed me while skeeting everywhere. OMG hahahahaha.
by Aarons Mom July 11, 2006
A device used by people who do not want to have sex so they take the anti-bang and use it to burn off their genitals and air blasts them up your ass to block your asshole from anal.
"I got an anti-bang after I got raped by all those girl scouts with 12 inch cocks."
by Aarons Mom July 15, 2006
When you take a dirty, truck stop plunger and you stick it over your genitals and you rip them off. Then you take them and stuff them up your ass. Then lick the plunger clean.
"I'm so high and nothing can hurt me. Time for a dirty plunger !"
by Aarons Mom July 14, 2006
When a whole bunch of retarded people get in a sack, get someone to tie it closed and then they have sex while being beaten from the outside with catoprods.
"Man I was so horny last night, I just had to have a sack of fuck with my mom and dad and dog."
by Aarons Mom July 12, 2006
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