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1. The iPod Shuffle is effectively the little brother of the iPod. (Correction - The iPod mini is the little genious brother of the iPod, and the iPod Shuffle is the mentally disabled brother that is left in the closet when company comes over.)

2. The iPod Shuffle is the brain-child of Apple's brilliant marketing team. In the case of the iPod and iPod mini, I would argue that they are remarkable, worth-while, devices sought by the collective techno-savvy social culture, not simply social status knick-knacks. However, Apple's marketing team has pulled off pushing a device that blindly leads the user into a statistical fruit-salad of songs under the GENIOUS motto of "Life is Random".

3. To reitterate,
A - the iPod Shuffle, however less expensive, is a waste of your hard earned cash and has been linked to mass outbreaks of trichotillomania.

B - Apple's marketing team is outstanding and if I were going to finance and advertise a war, I would contract these people.

C - If you want an iPod so badly, pay the extra 50 bucks for a 4Gb iPod mini. You won't regret it.
Life is random, so why shouldn't my iPod Shuffle playlist be?
I can play songs on my iPod Shuffle.
Wow, I would love to have an iPod Shuffle!
by Aaron Silber May 23, 2005

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