4 definitions by Aaron Sierpo

When you take a shit so big, that people mistake it for a Giraffe's Neck.
Dad, my anus hurts, I just got finished squeezing out a giraffe neck.
by Aaron Sierpo March 23, 2007
waddwadaw afwfwa fwaf aa wf
dwawad awdwad dadwawd awdadaw
by Aaron Sierpo March 24, 2007
When you skeet all over a girls chin really slowly like your doing the waltz.
I just waltz with Cindy!
by Aaron Sierpo March 24, 2007
When you pinch a turd off onto a girl's head and then right when your done you smash it all in her hair, then wait for it to dry, creating a crusty and smelly hair doo.
When Melissa was sleeping last night I tottaly gave her a PooDoo!
by Aaron Sierpo March 24, 2007

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