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Quite possibly the most ridiculous concept ever concocted (emo shouldn't even be classified as a music genre, as "emo" doesn't actually exist).

Definition: A genre of music that was constructed under the pretense that "Pop Punk" (Pop punk being a complete paradox) was not faggy enough. Suburban teenagers who wanted to be "different" by crying and looking exactly like everyone they cry and hang out with (i.e. dyed black hair, jeans so tight that your tiny balls actually retract into the cavern from whence they dropped, the ever present "non conformist" Converse all star, piercings, scarves and anything purchased at a "Hot Topic" store), needed something else to cry about instead of their upper middle class "depression".

QUOTE: "I was soooo distraught yesterday... My dad wouldn't buy me tickets to the Dashboard Confessional show and I was so depressed I slit my wrists... Well, not all the way, I just wanted to show my parents that I don't want to live but I don't really want to die, I just want attention. That's why I wear this scarf in the summer and these black framed glasses even though I don't even need them to see. Anyway, I got blood on my new super tight girl jeans that I just bought and that depressed me even more? I was in such a dark brooding mood that I sat in my room and wrote poems about how hard my life is. Then my brother told me emo is for fags and pussies who don't know who they are then left with his girlfriend. What an asshole, he doesn't know how hard life is."
by Aaron Sicht December 23, 2007

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