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Noun. Aka poli-doc. Political documentary especially popular during election season. Examples: Fahrenheit 9/11, Bushwacked, Outfoxed.
Bush's Brain is an insightful, but one-sided, polidoc on political advisor Karl Rove
by Aaron Sagers September 20, 2006
An awkward or embarrassing social situation where a person is left feeling like a moron, putz or Schmoe.
Ex 1: I broke wind on the empty elevator only to have my someone get on at the next floor when things still smelled ripe.

Ex 2: I had a complete schmoment when I thought I was alone when I picked my wedge, then I saw the security camera behind me.

Ex 3: My schmoment of the day was when I asked the young lady accompanying my boss if she was his daughter- it was his girlfriend.
by Aaron Sagers June 25, 2005
Noun. A hairstyle by trendy and fashionable people that, when it comes down to it, is just a mullet for rich people.

The Cosmo Mullet is most often sported by former hippies turned yuppies. You will especially see it on affluent, aging males trying to maintain a casual, carefree, semi-crunchy look.
Tom Hanks rocked the Cosmo Mullet in The Da Vinci Code
by Aaron Sagers May 10, 2006
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