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2 definitions by Aaron Payne

The motion of rubbing ones nuts in a circular motion in order to achieve a sense of relief or sexual pleasure.
example 1:
liam: wot the hell are you doing?
aaron: giving them a nutrub, they're itchy.

example 2:
aaron: im bored.
liam: im not, im giving my self a nutrub, its great.
by Aaron Payne December 22, 2006
Verb. Used similarly to hiking, or moving through a wooded area by foot. Generally moving or walking similarly to Sasquatch (swinging arms widely, and taking large steps, looking over your shoulder every now and then).
"Yea we were sasquatching through the snow around the ski resort."
"Man, check out the guy sasquatching in the woods!"
"I'd really like to be back in the squad bay instead of sasquatching around Quantico all day."

by Aaron Payne May 19, 2008