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To be one lazy fucker.

Pronounce Winstone BO-HARDER.
Former chelsea player aptly named Winstone Bogarde, who never played a single game in four years. But still raked in £40,000 a week. This was before the Roman Abramovich revolution.
by Aaron Gill May 04, 2005
A bafoon from Tuxford who talks gangsta.
Me - "Hi Cliff."
Cliff - "Shizle my Nizzle!"
Me - "HA HA HA!!!What?"
by Aaron Gill April 28, 2005
An international bounty hunter who loves prime game, such as gypsies and chavs.
Thomas "Mental" Lee.

Chunga - "I did four chavs cos they called me gay!"
Large gathering - "CHUNGA CHUNGA CHUNGA!"
by Aaron Gill April 26, 2005

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