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A word used when needing to escape from some naughty material when parents or supervisors walk into the room.
Kid on net...looking at pr0n....OH GOD MOM...sdbjkl\.com
by Aaron Deaton May 07, 2007
A poetic form developed by Aaron Deaton that uses clearly stated post-apocolyptic words and hidden meanings. The word itself means Criptic Post-Apocoliptica. This form of writing has never before been seen by him, as an individual, and should be highly considered! No one understands how it is post-apocolyptic but the writer, and that is how it is meant to be...it is totally abstract in every form.
"The flame, it has gathered in the...."
"Flame it has never been in it...."
"AND I NOW KNOW WHO TO BLAME!" (Apococriptica)
by Aaron Deaton May 08, 2007
To imply to an annoying friend, or enemy to STFU.
Maria:"Damn Heather, he was so nice, and he's handsome"
Heather:"Hushaface Maria, you only want him for his enormous dick!"
Maria:"Hushaface Heather, at least I've seen his dick"
by Aaron Deaton May 06, 2007
N. A combination of contradict and slap. It is when you are opposing someone and they slap you without thinking, usually from anger.
Metro Guy:"Yeah, I've been being in the bathroom a lot lately, so me and Joe are fighting over who should get more bathroom time...he got mad and I got a contridislap."
Other Guy:"Oh, my, god, did he say sorry."
Metro:"Yeah, he was just mad...I deserved it."
by Aaron Deaton May 07, 2007
A word deriving from pwned, used to imply boned or "You got banged."
D00d1"How'd you do in that Halo2 tourny?"
D00d2"I got BNG'D"
D00d3"Yep, and I pwned your arsh"
by Aaron Deaton May 06, 2007
A noun used as a coverup for pr0n, since parents have grown to see pr0n as porn! Also, it is wise to not use it around seven-year old's.
Matt:"Hey man, did you bring the legos?"
Mom:"Ohh, that's so nice, you boys plaing with legos!"
Aaron:"Yep, we're gonna' make some real big towers tonight!"
by Aaron Deaton May 06, 2007

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