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code directed to a person who says something that you know makes someone else feel awkward that insinuates that they need to shut the hell up.
friend 1: hey dude you wanna hear a black joke
friend 2: sure
Friend 1: so this black guy walks into a bar and...
Friend 3: SQWALK!!!!!!!!!
by Aaron Adkins March 20, 2008
(sike-naw) word used to screw with your homies or signify you jus be playin wit dem.
homie 1: "wuzup dog"
homie 2: "yo momma"
homie 1: "im bout to kill yo ass in cold blood"
homie 2: "sykenah yo bitch self could'nt pull a gat outa a papr bag"
by Aaron Adkins March 15, 2008
word used to describe a shit leader who is a complete fucking failure, it is important you emphasize the z or it just loses its purpose. i think we all know whos a prezadent up in here.
Hillary Clinton would be the best Prezadent their ever was

Student: o fuck hea com da new prezadent
president: id like to that you all for electing me your new school president you think im good dont you mam
Student: ya you da hotest prezident i eva saw
by Aaron Adkins March 14, 2008
the art of descrietly violating a sleeping person without disturbing their slumber through techniques like antiqueing, pantsing, pieing, face griffity etc.
i used my super espiolage skills to descrietly attack my girlfriend... she never saw it coming.
by Aaron Adkins March 20, 2008
the exact oposite of erectile disfunction. erectile retardation causes your weiner to jump around acting retarded and such when you dont want it to.
i was walking down the hall and my E.R started to act up.

Bob was talking and his E.R was clearly showing through his pants.
by Aaron Adkins March 20, 2008
(bee-her-moth) word used to describe an extrmely fat ass mofo thats blubber is completly obstructing your path in the hall or ilse of some store that you must go to extreme legths to overcome or completly destroy.
that women is such a behermoth

Guy: "excuse me"
behermoth: *huff huff huff*
Guy: "excuse me mam"
behermoth: *huff huff huff*
Guy: "are you ok"
behermoth: *huff huff huff* (slowly begins to glide down isle)
by Aaron Adkins March 15, 2008
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