43 definitions by Aaron W.

(adj) extremely delightful.

{this is actually a word, look it up at Dictionary.com}
Those cookies are splendiferous
by Aaron W. December 05, 2002
tiny, small
Thatsa dinky gift! Is that all I get?
by Aaron W. December 11, 2002
an exclamation similar in meaning to yahoo
Yippee! I won the lottery!
by Aaron W. December 11, 2002
(adj) really stupid, or using ironic situations.
see cheesy
That story is really corny.
by Aaron W. December 05, 2002
a shortened form of ouch (the one by me)
Ow! That hurt! Really!
by Aaron W. March 22, 2003
Said when one sees something disgusting
Eew! That's nasty!
by Aaron W. December 06, 2002
Said when feeling triumphant, or courageous.

(see Booyah!!!1For many, many more definitions.)
I won the bet! You owe me $3000! Booyah!!
by Aaron W. February 20, 2003

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