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3 definitions by Aandy

An alternative pronunciation of "voluptuous titties" created by switching the first two letters of the afforementioned phrase. Done so to disguise talking about the breasts of a woman who is nearby.
Dave: Damn, that girl has some toluptuous vitties.
Girl passing by: What did you just say?
Dave: Nothing.
by Aandy July 16, 2008
To have sexual intercourse. Another word for sex to disguise it in front of authority.
Douchey: That chick has some tig ol' bitties. On a scale of 1 to definitely, what are my chances of having segs with her?
Friend: I'd say highly unlikely.
by Aandy June 27, 2008
Slang for marijuana.
While we were driving to the beach, we smoked the pad thai and stopped at Bed, Biscuit and Beyond because we had the munchies.
by Aandy June 19, 2008