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someone with ethnic background consisting of both african and italian
a black person having sex with an italian person makes a black italian
by A_C_UNIT March 20, 2010
A tall creature that roams the north-east coast of America. This creature stands on two feet mostly but has no knees. The Jakoka is a strange creature because it is abnormally large for an asexualy reproducing animal. The Jakoka is a party freak. The Jakoka has no neck. The Jakoka lays eggs. The Jakoka is a loveable creature and is a very good wingman.
by A_C_Unit December 05, 2010
A card that is technically imaginary but has great sentimental value to the two owners. The Bro Card can only be used between two bros. To use The Bro Card properly one must give the card to his bro and ask for a favor or deed. Regardless of how bad that bro does not want to complete the favor he must, but in return they may now use The Bro Card when he wants for whatever he wants (respectively speaking) except to reverse the favor just asked of them. The Bro Card is a sacred ritual practiced by the best of friends.
Dude 1: "Dude, I need you to do me a solid, I need you to go on this double date on me"

Dude 2: "With that ugly chick? No fricken way dude!"

Dude 1: "Ah come one man, I've got to pull out 'The Bro Card' on this one"

Dude 2: "Damn dude, alright I guess I have to"
by A_C_Unit August 29, 2011
A low profile gang in Dover Pennsylvania that goes around having fun, and painting the town red. To be a member of the Heftyz you must go through an initiation and you must be a hardcore partier. The Heftyz were founded by the Hefty "KingPins" (aliases must not be revealed). The Heftyz sometimes refer to themselves as a wolf pack of friends. The Heftyz usually partake in driving around in there vehicles and listening to rap music at high volume.
by A_C_Unit December 06, 2010

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