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when a bitch turn her left buttcheek outward when you hittin it from the behind, and when you pull out ya dick
and she starts to queef but it queefs, it queefs, it queefs in a sensual way and it makes a hiss sound and goes on to pronunciate a slithering ssss sound..and you smack her right butt cheek and you stick ya arms in the air an ya go "scotttttiiie pimppppinnn"" in the most highest tone you can. and then you blow ya load all over her butt cheeks and fatty and how you do..and you finish that shit off by sayin "scottiieee pippinnn for the assist"
scottie pimpin...i mean i never seen that shit happen, but i know it did...a bunch a times. no example available.
by A_A December 29, 2007
a chinky-little-dicked-bastard.
a generally disliked person of asian descent with a small penis and unknown father. there is a good chance that the mother of said CLDB, is a paid whore that will 'love you long time'
AmazingAsian was an ugly CLDB motherfucker. Always willing to pull some real chinky ass shit when no one was expecting it. Little dicked bastard.
by A_A April 17, 2008
the state of being generally displeased with the current situation, forum topic or individual comment made by another.
user1: ***random small talk on forum***
user2: ***random small talk on forum***
user1: ***random small talk on forum***
user3: I jus took the crazyst shit, an all i saw wuz nuts and corn!! so i took a pictre!
user1: thats fucked up man, take ur shit somewhere else
user2: :smh: thats fuckin nasty dude, get the fuck out
by A_A March 18, 2008
to invade and occupy a 3rd world city or country, (usually in the middle east) destroy all modern infrastructure, murder innocent civilians labeled as terrorists while blatantly hiding ulterior motives which may include monetary or strategic gain... all in the name of freedom.
"Them Iranians??? We'z gonna free them shit outta them. We'z gonna free the shit outta them soo hard they wont know what hit em!" - Pvt. 1st Class Billy Bob

"Them Iraqi's?? We freed the shit outta them. We freed the shit outta them so good, them terrorists ran back to their mommies and we bombed em at home!!" - George W. Bush
by A_A February 05, 2008
1) a big ass nigga with a sweet tooth

2) a big ass nigga with sweet or homely tendencies, generally a bitch in the community and a pushover.
1) Dawayne came over yesterday and ate all my fucking candy for real. That sugar nigga ate a pound of hershey kisses and all my laffy taffy! no lie!

2) yo Juan lets that shit happen? that bitch is walkin all over him! He goes to work, comes home, takes care of the kids and cooks dinner! then at the end of the night HE goes DOWN ON HER! he's a real nice guy but damn what a sugar nigga.
by A_A April 12, 2007
an alternate word for the word rims ie the wheels for a car, with a hint of low down, durty durty southern routine.
somewhere in the durty-durty...
al: damn check out that caddy on twenty-fos!
al: sure does bo'
by A_A August 12, 2008
a person gone totally nuts wilin out, knockin over shit no regard for anything, or an individual with a a constant misconception of real life; more or less unaware of his/her surroundings.
"yo Juan was this big ass spanish dude that would just lose it, that banana nigga trashed my car like 3 times. You know he really can't understand what he was doing." -Shaquile
by A_A March 09, 2007

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