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n. The granddaddy of the modern political scandal. Also used to refer to scandals similar to Watergate. For the press to compare a scandal to Watergate, the following conditions must be met:
1) It must be of national importance.
2) It must involve the executive branch in some way.
3) Someone outside the media must refer to it as
"a new Watergate" or, "the next Watergate".
4) Should increase angry rants against the
people involved by at least 20%.
If a scandal meets three of these conditions, it may be be given the suffix -gate but the word Watergate must remain out of the article. If it meets two of these conditions, it may be given its own name, such as "Iran-contra affair". If it meets only one of these conditions, it is refered to as "standard political procedure".
Watergate is what caused people to lose trust in the government.

The scandal surrounding Valerie Plame may be the next Watergate (but now we can only refer to it as Plamegate).
by A_1_B_2_C_______ October 08, 2006
A president who manages to remain popular and continues to get elected, despite scandal surrounding the administration or general dissatisfaction with government in general. Examples include Reagan, Clinton, and Bush II.
Iran-contra? It slides right off the Teflon president.

Monica Lewinsky? Impeachment, maybe, but the polls don't look too bad for this Teflon president.

Plamegate? Wire-tapping? Maybe your average Joe would be affected, but this is a Teflon president.
by A_1_B_2_C_______ October 08, 2006

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