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the northern to north-western end of the city of MESA, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix.

The population is 50% poor white trash, and 50% illegal immigrants from mexico who wear ripped clothes on the street and get attacked by the white trash population.

The white trash population drives broken down pick-up trucks from 1978 and drink keystone light beer because its the only one on sale at circle K.

girls that live in north-mesa are either 15 year old pregnant white trash skanks, or hispanic skanks, either way...there's not one decent girl in north mesa, unless you want a racist, truck-drivin ho-bag with 3 teeth who has 3 kids while in high school.

North Mesa is also the only place where you can find an 85 ford bronco with confederate flag stickers, authentic mexican food 24 hours a day, and 3 hobos pissing on your car all one one city street.

North mesa is the little mexico of the east-valley of the Phoenix Metro area, with high crime rates, very high dropout rates, and way too many bums and hobo's for comfort...1 bum on every street corner.

Nobody with money or class lives in North-Mesa, because its a living hell. Its the side of town that was meant to be bulldozed and condemned, but the government forgot about it.

If your in Phoenix, make sure to skip your trip to the northern/western end of Mesa...spare yourself the headache and the jumping by 20 rednecks in a 92 ford bronco.
guy 1: hey man, where can I find a redneck breeding ground?

guy 2: North mesa dude!
by AZexpertdude July 17, 2008

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The west-side of the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

West phoenix is massive in size, reachings across hundreds and hundreds of acres...all of which are pure ghetto trash.

The phoenix police department has more shootings, drug-related crimes, drive-bys, theft, auto-theft, car-accidents, and homicides in the west valley more than anywhere else in the entire county.

90% of the buildings and businesses in west phoenix were built in the 70's, and half of them are rotted down to the foundation. almost every street corner in west phoenix has a bum or a drug dealer standing on it...usually surrounded by 20 people waiting for the 5pm bus to arrive.

West Phoenix is known for its populations of: White Trash, Illegal Mexicans, Ghetto Black people, and Wigger Druggie Rednecks.
The mexican mafia deals most of its drugs in west phoenix.

Meth Labs and Drug-Labs are literally on every single residential street, even new home developments. Phoenix Police department has more meth busts and home-crack lab busts here than any area in the state. All of these meth labs are run by poor white trash with 10 kids on welfare.

Nobody has a car in west phoenix, they ride the city bus which they also Piss on. The people that do have a car drive a primer-grey 1992 Nissan Sentra, and put confederate flag stickers on the bumper while listening to Gangster Rap...these drivers are usually 18 year old white guys who dropped out of school.

The schools in the West side have some of the highest drop-out rates in the country...some schools have 50% illegal mexicans who cant speak english. Those who do graduate from the west side usually do so with a 1.0 GPA and go on to work at a grocery store as a janitor.

The best cuisine in the west side is 24-Hour mexican fast food, half of which have been shut down by the health department because of unsanitary conditions.

A lot of professionals work on the west side, and those that do hate their lives because they have to drive into the west valley every morning. They usually quit their jobs out of disgust.

Crime, Drugs, Trash people, and Heavy pollution and smog makes the West side of Phoenix the most miserable, ugly, crime-infested, run-down area of the entire metro area.

I would compare west phoenix with parts of East Los Angeles, but without the crips and bloods.

John: Hey look at those redneck gangbanger guys dealin drugs in a lowrider

Mike: Yah, they must be from 50th Avenue and Olive in West Phoenix with the rest of the trash.
by AZexpertdude July 17, 2008

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