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3 definitions by AZN rule!

"Eat my shite & die mutha fucka!"
Used in online gaming.

Also see: EMS
noob: I see you coming. (not realizing that it's just a setup.)
nOOb: (goes for the bait) Ah-ha I got'cha!
nOOb: What do you have to say about yourself now???
(nOOb, base gets NUKED!)
Repo: EMS&DMF!
nOOb: help.
by AZN rule! April 28, 2003
1. Meaning a person being a total cheese-head/scumbag.
2. The worst computer virus that has ever spawned to plague human-kind.
3. To make something things worse than already is. synonymous with sabotage.
4. an anagram for a sexual transmitted disease "Enormous Rectile-Rino Orifice"
Don't you be treating me like erro.
Oh now you did it, you erro'ed your computer.
My docter told me that I had an acute case of ERRO.
by AZN rule! May 04, 2003
"Die Mutha Fucka"
Used in online gaming.

Also see EMS&DMF
nOOb: I wonder what's behind this corner?
Repo: DMF!!!
nOOb: HOLY SHI...!!!
Repo: Get some! Get some! Get some of this! (while feeding nOOb a healty casing of lead).
by AZN rule! April 28, 2003