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When you're really high and you can hardly move.
Dude I'm stoned to the bone.
by AZN 666 May 16, 2011
When you break straight edge and start smoking, drinking, etc. And then usually gets beat or killed.
This songs called Edgebreak facebreak.
by AZN 666 May 16, 2011
The year everyone in high school got pregnant. The year everyone went to Mackinaw Academy. The year everyone started getting tattoos. The year everyone was going to jail and then bragging about it. The year every guy was trying to be a hardass by carrying 9mm and trying to act like they were from the "city." The year when everything became about the image and style. The year everyone started partying. The worst year.
Dude 2010 sucked.


Everything about that year in high school was terrible.
by AZN 666 May 16, 2011

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