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An adult, most commonly a male, who has never fully developed or matured emotionally and is characterized by a low degree of self awareness, awkward interactions with other people, a lack of empathy and an inability to achieve intimacy.
Gary: "Ken, I hate to be the one to tell you this but Uncle Gilbert has cancer."

Ken: "More cottage cheese and peaches."

Gary: "Excuse me?"

Ken: "More cottage cheese and peaches. Bring me some."

Gary: "Ken, dude, you are emotionally stunted."
by AYYFRON March 15, 2011
A number of closely interrelated disasters that are connected to one another through their collective gravity.

The expression is the combination of the astronomical term globular cluster for group of stars and a clusterfuck.
The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will ruin corporate reputations, damage the fishing industry, kill countless fish and birds, pollute beaches and coastal wetlands. In short it is a globular clusterfuck that will take years to recover from.

World War I, the Spanish Flu, the Great Depression and World War 2 are viewed by many historians as a globular clusterfuck that spanned over three decades.
by AYYFRON June 01, 2010
The most obnoxious possible reply to someone who has contacted you, often used in professional settings.
Hi John, thanks for reaching out. I'm quite busy right now on many important projects. Why don't you reach out to me again at this time next year and see if I have a couple of free minutes then. Or, better yet, how about never? Does never work for you?
by AYYFRON January 27, 2011
When somebody's impressive credentials cause other people to overlook their negative qualities.
I can't believed that he screwed his new girlfriend in my bed. He hadn't even broken up with me.

Really? Everyone wondered what you were doing with such a narcissistic asshole. Plus he was a cokehead. What did you see in him?

Well, we went to a good prep school and to an ivy league business school and worked for a prestigious investment bank on Wall Street. I never imagined that somebody like that could be so insensitive and cruel.

Hon, you are suffering from resume blindness. He's a jerk and an emotional midget. Get over him.
by AYYFRON June 30, 2010
The $20 minimum that one seems to spend each time one leaves one's front door.
John: Hey Joe, it's a beautiful day, why don't we go out and do something?

Joe: Can't. Don't want to pay the door charge.
by AYYFRON July 26, 2010
A purse-like over the shoulder bag, typically made out of synthetic material, worn principally by gay men, notably in Europe.
American guy: Dude, like, why are you wearing a purse?
European guy: It's not a purse; it's my purth.
by AYYFRON July 20, 2010
The lowest of the low, the detritus at the bottom of humanity, often consigned to slums, shanty towns and favelas, often hard working, under-compensated, uneducated, overlooked and generally despised or at best pitied by those better off.
From the comfort of his Park Avenue apartment, the capitalist referred to the people working in his lucrative factory in Mexico as "the dregs of the Earth."
by ayyfron August 04, 2010

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