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verb -- 1) to incite internal opposition against and undermine a moderate member of a political party, usually by right wing forces. 2) to ideologically purify an organization by eliminating members who don't adhere to orthodoxy.

The verb is derived from the last name of Dede Scozzafava, a pro-choice, pro-gay rights, Republican State Legislator in New York, who was a candidate for New York's 23rd Congressional district in a 2009 special election until she was drummed out the race by vigorous opposition from far right figures such as former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin as well as former Republican House Majority Leader Dick Armey both of whom supported the third party candidacy of Doug Hoffman. Moderate Democrat Bill Owens ultimately won the race, prevailing in a district that had not elected a member of his party in over 100 years.
Republican wing nuts are looking to scozzafava a number of their own moderate office holders in the upcoming party primaries. One of their targets is Ellen Smith because she doesn't agree with the NRA's stance that the best way to prevent massacres on college campuses is for students and professors to carry concealed weapons.

The Pope has decided to scozzafava the church by defrocking priests who voice disagreement with the Holy See's opposition to the use of condoms.
by AYYFRON November 06, 2009
n- any animal life form, including human beings, that was brought into being as the result of sexual intercourse.
During his second semester biology course Johnny, in a moment of epiphany, realized the meaning of life. He began yelling, "We are all fuck product! FUCK PRODUCT! All of us! Everything outside of plants, fungi and single cell organisms that multiply by dividing --all the rest of us, we are fuck product!!!" He had to be subdued with tasers by campus security and taken in for inpatient psychological care.

On the first day of class, buses pulled up in front of the local elementary school full of fuck product.

The mother lynx ate away the umbilical cords and licked clean her newborn fuck product.

Dan's baby tank is pregnant with her fourth helping of fuck product.
by AYYFRON September 30, 2009
A woman, often a homemaker, whose main purpose is to reproduce on behalf of her husband or boyfriend.
I saw that Saudi man again shopping at Harrods with his four baby tanks today, each one wrapped up in their bed sheets and looking like they were about to pop.
by AYYFRON September 29, 2009
The depression sometimes felt after sexual intercourse or masturbation.
Jonathan suffered from post-coital depression this morning after cumming his balls, brains and spinal fluids out last night in an orgy of procrasturbation.

After losing her virginity in an orgasm filled, yet loveless bangathon in her dorm room last night, Dafny felt a mixture regret, post-coital depression and vaginal soreness.

News that his baby tank was pregnant again with more fuck product only deepened Harry's weeks long post-coital depression.
by AYYFRON October 19, 2009
Indirect sunlight experienced in the period just before sunset or just after sunrise that has been refracted by the atmosphere into a golden or even an orangish-red color that flatters landscapes and life forms alike and is highly prized by both photographers and painters. It is also the safest light in which to sunbathe.
Manhattan's architecturally inconsistent jumble of high rise office towers and apartment buildings looked like a beautiful, unified whole in glow of the sweet light of a late winter's day.

The Louvre, which often looks imposing amid the Parisian gloom, radiates a refined elegance in the sweet light of the sunset.
by AYYFRON November 28, 2009
Shit throwing temper tantrum, which can be had by small children and adults alike.

Also known as an S triple-T an ST cubed.
Larry, pissed at his job, his wife and his life, would erupt into an STTT over the smallest provocation.
by AYYFRON December 03, 2009
Verb (chiefly Scottish in origin): to experiment and to make a mess simultaneously. To experiment in a way that is aimless or dangerous.
Alister's mother hid his chemistry set in a secret location after he nearly destroyed the kitchen while klorting.
by AYYFRON December 09, 2009

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