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A Mafia member.
by AYB March 30, 2003
An adjective used to describe a person who just can't wait to shoot every motherfucker in the area.
I got the M-16 and I really feel trigger happy today.
by AYB March 13, 2003
The target of every Soccer mom, politician, and feminist who (1) has never played a videogame in her life, (2) doesn't know how to discipline her kid, thanks to all the time she spent marrying and divorcing 4 or 5 times, and (3) is looking for an easy scapegoat for her incompetence.
Lieberman: Videogames like Street Fighter 2 Turbo and DOOM are responsible for all violent behavior in children.
by AYB September 10, 2003
Extreme and uncontrollable anger. The person who posesses it is most likely to act it out, violently.
I broke the Rottweiler's ribs in a burst of seething rage.
by AYB February 19, 2003
Businesspeople who usually operate outside the law in order to maximize their profits. Murder, extortion, threats to families, theft, fraud, bootlegging, and broken kneecaps are regular business practices.
The MAFIA is not dead. It is simply hiding in plain sight.
by AYB June 26, 2003
A person who boldly tells it like it is. A person who sees the world without a blindfold covering the eyes.
And that explains why nobody likes cynics.
by AYB September 07, 2003
Having no end. Forever.
The desert horizon seemed to stretch to infinity from an aerial view.
by AYB April 08, 2003

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