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A pretty good anime series that was mutilated by Cartoon Network, even though they were nice enough to not cut out the blood, gore, death scenes, dead prople, and most of the profanity. Unfortunately for those of us who want something new, Cartoon Stagnate even makes sure we never miss a single episode of Bebop by repeating it over and over and OVER AND OVER AND FUCKING OVER AGAIN!!! AAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!
Soon I will have my cable company permanently block Cartoon Network from my TV listing thanks to repeats of Bebop and other poorly-translated, censored anime shows.
by AYB May 17, 2003
A wimpy, rat-like dog from Mexico. The former poster animal for Taco Bell.
Neighbor 1: Check out my new dog from the animal shelter.
Neighbor 2: That is not a dog. That's a fucking RAT!
Neighbor 1: It's called a chihuahua, dumbass.
Neighbor 2: Oh....I knew that.
Neighbor 1: Yeah right.
by AYB April 29, 2003
What used to be a visual medium of expression is now a pop-culture fad.
Abstract art sucks. Painted cows, cheese-covered walls, blotches on canvas, and sidewalk feces/blood exhibitions are not art!
by AYB March 26, 2003
A legal amphetamine which is found in the leaves and flowers of the tea plant, or the seeds of coffee and cacao/cocoa plants.
Jolt Cola has twice as much caffeine as Mountain Dew.

Some chocolates have a higher concentration of caffeine than others.
by AYB July 12, 2003

The worst rapper since the plague of Vanilla Ice. The only reason he is so popular with the wiggers and wankstas is because he is one of the few white folks in the rap "music" scene. He wins so many awards on MTV and the Grammys because they are both RIGGED by the record labels and TRL.
Slim Shadey is just another mama's boy
by AYB March 05, 2003
The name of a cool ninja dude from CAPCOM's Street Fighter and Final Fight. He's a master of the Bushin style of martial arts.
Bushinjuu Power!
by AYB March 12, 2003
Enjoying a service without paying for it.
The beggar managed to sweet-talk the bus driver into giving him a freeride across town.
by AYB April 08, 2003

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