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Background Music.
This movie scene has an excellent BGM.
by AYB February 26, 2003
Luke Skywalker's deadbeat dad.
by AYB March 17, 2003
A period of time that you presently want to be in be in because of the wonderful theories and concepts envisioned. But when the future becomes the present, you'll wish it were still the past. because the theories and concepts either (a) never came true, (b) weren't worth the wait, or (c) really sucked.
I have seen the future. And it sucks horse-shit. And I'm not even a psychic.
by AYB October 27, 2003
Extreme and violent anger that is accompanied by a person doing something to satisfy that anger.
The warlord's wrath was known when he ordered his army to slaughter every man, woman, and child within the town walls.
by AYB April 07, 2003
what the Hell were the folks at NOKIA smoking when they designed this ghastly device? You actually have to hold the phone with its width next to your ear in order to communicate, and they could have included better launch games which you can only play by first removing the battery and then adding or changing the cartridge. Not to mention the ridiculous price range. Definitely a concept designed for failure.
If NOKIA had designed the cartridge slot on the external part of N-Gage, and designed it more like a pocket calculator like many of NOKIA's cellphone product lines, and cut the price in half, the N-Gage might do a little bit better.
by AYB October 28, 2003
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Was a good cartoon that appeared in the late 1980s and ended in the early 1990s when some gay show called Power Rangers gained popularity with the kids. TMNT was based on the more violent and graphic comic book series. Featured four turtle ninjas and their rat sensei fighting against the minions of an evil ninja named Shredder.
Cowabunga! Turtle Power!

The first two TMNT movies were pretty cool.
by AYB March 09, 2003
The gift that the Native Americans gave to the world.
Peyote is just as good as shrooms.
by AYB April 07, 2003

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