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Basically a woman with the morals of a man.

Usually a term used for a female that is a closet slut.
Usually a female that will portrays a classy girl to others, but once the consumption of alcohol takes place, the legs spread and she's ready to go with whoever, wherever, whenever.

Also referred to as a diddy bopper, slut, skeezer, whore, sorostitute, ho, skank, hooker, etc.
"Hey man what's the bar looking like tonight?" - Darius
"A whole lot of slush puppies running around dude" -Chris
"Word! Shit I'm in the mood to get my dick wet tonight so I'll head that way in a little" - Darius

"Dude, me and Tiffany were hitting it off at the movies, but when we went to the party and after she got a few drinks in her, she was a huge slut and left with another guy." - Darius
"Ohhh what a Slush Puppy...." -Chris
by AUChico November 02, 2009

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