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a dance craze that was invented in Dallas, TX by the group GS Boyz. the ones that also did Stanky legg
"now hit the booty dew,(do it) hit the booty dew
now you can lean wit it, and you can drop wit it
you can switch to the other leg and you can drop wit it"


"girl what's your favorite dance right now?"

"i'm all about the booty dew! dats my ish!!"
by ATXchick August 20, 2009
to take a HUGE crap!!

As in the movie "Friday" when smokey had to take a huge crap but he couldn't find a place to do it, so he went on the side of the house.
"mayne them beans messed my stomach up! i need to take a smokey!"
by ATXchick August 20, 2009
to be thug-like
"mayne stop! you messin up my thugary"
by ATXchick August 20, 2009

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