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A phrase used to add innuendo to a non-sexual comment.

It is very similar to "That's what she said", but offers even more options for use. Note that this is not a replacement for "That's what she said", but should be used when it makes more sense.

Also, high schoolers should be sure to not make your comment sound like you mean your real prom date. Like yo' mama jokes, and "That's what she said" it does not refer to a real person.
Jane: I can't believe we waited in line for an hour for that roller coaster. It finished so fast that I was disappointed.
Maude: Sounds like my prom date!

Biff: Man, that new lemon drink sure does go down easy.
Jeff: Sounds like my prom date!

Sally: You should check out the men's clothes on clearance at that store. When you walk in, on the left, they have a huge rack.
Bob: Sounds like my prom date!
by Atl Livin' May 25, 2010
To stop someone from stealing one of your tater tots. This usually happens when a hungry friend thinks you are distracted and reaches for a tot from your plate. Then you catch them in the act just in time.
Bob: So I told her I don't care what color -- Hey, bro! (looks down at plate and brandishes a fork threateningly) Lay off the tots! I'm going to eat those!

Tom: Dang! I just got tot blocked!
by ATL Livin' February 16, 2011
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