1 definition by ASugarlandianWhoLovesJesus

A nice little suburb of Houston in Texas where all the kids have loads of money and fake tans on Christmas break. We all wear expensive clothes but constantly say "FML" or "I hate the world" or some other BS.
We're all rich and beautiful and have all races living in happiness!
Whites Blacks Hispanics and Asians are abundant!

We have the occasional wigger and a few oreos (gotta love those girls) but nothing could get any better! Except, if you move down here, dont bring any ghetto hoodrats.
Sugar landian: FML My mom didnt buy my $567.00 dress from SAKS and it was on sale too. I hate my life and I want to die.
Houstonian: B*tch please! I'm still waiting for welfare!
by ASugarlandianWhoLovesJesus October 31, 2011

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