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This term is used in Canada to mean girls who dress like cheerleaders, generally with tied back hair and tight shirts, big tits or amplified tits, and short skirts or shorts. They usually are the popular girls, and are sometimes sluts, and the style is sort of unique to them. they are another fad, like the slut or whore style, the conservative style, or preppy girl style, or sort of even like jock, prep, soc, thug styles for guys.
I dated a vice stylin' girl. I later personally diagnosed her with Bi-polar syndrome which means MOOD SWINGS like holy fuck. One day shes happy the next shes pissed. Its a mood disorder kinda like Permanent PMS. Shes a nice girl if she wants to be. I still love her. ITS OVER, HOWEVER. (DISREGARD ME IM PISSED RIGHT NOW.)
by ASS HOLE March 20, 2004
1. Honest, Blunt
2. Teejay
3. Katie
Oh man, he's so cool like Teejay and Katie, he must be an ass hole.
by Ass hole December 05, 2003
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