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Sometime within the next calendar year.
Joe Peacock: "Part 15 will be up soon!"
by AR October 22, 2004
Malay term for penis
kote ko beso-your thick penis
by Ar May 08, 2005
The Worlds next professional wrestler

.....He is COMING>>>
The New Heavyweight Champion is Dangerous Drew!
by AR July 30, 2003
unbelievably rediculous.
the most rediculous something can get
1. Rediculous
2. Redonkulous
3. Redunkulous
by AR February 21, 2005
a pronoun used as a substitute of "I" usually used by gay men in Malaysia
tak kuasa mak-I dont give a damn
by Ar May 08, 2005
Resident of Tacoma, shortened from Tacoma local.
"That T-Loc's a sketchy fuck."
by AR June 18, 2004
something that is gangster
Woa that somg was NG~
by AR July 30, 2003
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