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Putting somebody in charge of a job, when they have a conflict of interest. Often used to refer to industry "self-regulation" or to putting an industry insider on the board that regulates that industry, e.g., appointing an executive of Comcast as chairman of the FCC.

Can also refer to a similar problem in private industry, e.g., putting the manager of a failed project in charge of the investigation into why the project failed.
Mike Taylor has been appointed to head the Food Safety Working Group at the FDA. The President has set the fox to guard the henhouse.
by APDamien September 23, 2011
Literally, to kiss (British slang).

Often includes activities that would be included in "making out", e.g., necking.

One wag defined it as "anything you can do with a married woman in her husband's presence." (This assumes a 'monogamous' marriage rather than an "open" one.)
Literal sense: Ginny just grabbed me, dragged me into a broom closet, and snogged the life out of me.

More general: Helen and Joe were sitting on the couch, snogging. She left lipstick all over him from the collar up. I swear his hands were inches from her tits. And Fred (Helen's husband) just sat there, watching the game on TV, completely ignoring it.
by APDamien January 17, 2012
Accept sexual favors in exchange for something

This is most often used in regard to a favor: one party does something requiring time and/or effort for the other, and when asked how much it will be, says, "I'll take it out in trade". Or vice versa: having done something for another person, asking for compensation, and the other says, "You can take it out in trade."

"In trade" sounds like a form of prostitution (exchanging sex for something else), but it usually used humorously and in context of an existing relationship. The meaning is that the person is doing it as part of the relationship rather than expecting to be paid money or goods or whatever.
Girlfriend: Thanks for doing my taxes, honey. How much do I owe you.
Boyfriend (leering): Nothing. I'll take it out in trade.

He means that he expects some kissing and/or loving in return.

Girlfriend: How's that?
Boyfriend (looking at his hair in mirror): Wow! I look great!
GF: So what do I get in return?
BF: You can take it out in trade.

Meaning he'll be extra loving for a while and/or that she gets to choose the position/method next time they make love.
by APDamien March 03, 2014
Read the Fucking Manual, Asshole.

But you can't call an officer "asshole," so in the military RTFMA stands for "Read the Furnished Materials, _Sir_."
"Corporal, how do I order blankets for the new transfers on this stupid computer?"

Clerk, handing the First Looey a pamphlet: RTFMA.

Looey: What???

Clerk: It's right there in the manual, sir.
by APDamien March 07, 2013
Eat first, or fuck first?
"C'mon, let's go to bed."

"e.f. or f.f?"


Alleged to be old Navy slang, meaning, "You wanna get some real food or some tail first?" Occurs in _Time Enough for Love_ by Robert Heinlein. When Dora, "The Adopted Daughter," propositions him, Lazarus asks her "E.F. or F.F.?" She answers, "Both," which is in character for her and also has multiple meanings.
by APDamien July 07, 2012
A baby born on US soil to a woman intentionally brought here so that the baby will be a US Citizen, in the expectation of raising it to be a Muslim terrorist.

There are, of course, a few problems with this definition:

1. Nobody has ever shown any evidence that anybody is having such babies. (Any assertion is true of the empty set...)

2. The creators of such a baby would have to wait 12 years or so before it would be old enough to be an effective terrorist. Compare this with the effort of recruiting a terrorist from existing US citizens who are already Muslims or can be converted to Islam.
That raghead brought his wife here to have a terror baby.
by APDamien December 30, 2011
To upload or download data, usually at a high rate of speed. Often used in slang to refer to illicitly gathering data -- that is, theft of somebody else's private data, trade secrets, etc.
I downloaded a new app, and it slurped all my data to some site in Outer Mongolia. Now some hacker knows my birthday, Social Security number and all my credit cards.
by APDamien October 04, 2011

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