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A fancy word for a person who rapes children (not to be confused with pedophile though most child molesters are also pedophiles). I don't understand why they don't simply call them child rapists. It would avoid a lot of confusion.
Man: Hi little girl, I know you just moved in here but I wanted to tell you the guy across the street is a child molester so don't go by him.
Little Girl: I wonder what a child molester is? I'm gonna go ask the guy across the street...
by AOM July 22, 2008
A non-human animal. When the child turns 18 they automatically become human. Children are not allowed to watch pornography, buy alcohol, smoke cigarettes, vote, drive (without owners permission), serve in a human military such as the Army, or do many other human only things. For more information please look up slavery.
17 Year Old Child: I can't wait till I turn human tomorrow!
by AOM July 22, 2008
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