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New British Government scheme to crack down on chavs and their behaviour. Acronym for Anti-Social Behaviour Order. Stops offenders from doing certain things, going to certain places and meeting certain people.
Someone banned from their local shopping centre
by ANTI CHAV CREW July 27, 2005
British slang : Horse, used to children as horse is quite obvioulsly too difficult to say...
Oh wow look at the geegees in the field!
by ANTI CHAV CREW July 28, 2005
A lower form of life currently dominating the northern half of Great Britain. They appear in sportswear, even though the nearest sport they indulge in is mugging. The most stylish bling a chav can wear is "solid" "gold" chains, hooped earrings for the chavettes and an ASBO for any chav is a definite style item. Their language consists of "swearing, innit, yeah but no, like yer know what I mean? more swearing, whatchoo lookin at, eh? ya startin?"
Yeah but no I ain't trippin watchoo lookin at mush i iz gonna bang u out oh my god didya see big bruvva last night? kamal is so fit
by ANTI CHAV CREW July 27, 2005

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