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a camp in brooklyn were we have smiley fun and ice ages,alien invasions,riots,keggers,boxing,wrestling,Live nudes,Crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy stunts,Homeless Sprite bottles,The Zingle(the camp masscot) Crazy yet awsome overnites and so much cool trips That often end in a horible Dangerous Distaster But has lost its touch when the Great One left, But it is still cool since his Best Friend carrys on the tradition of his awsome work, And we have the crazy one whom thinks the great ones name is Lewis,and the geeky one with the Name R.P hates the great ones work and has failed to ever destroy his beloved spiritual work
YO THE GREAT ONE LEFT YO such a mill basin day camp homes
by ANGELO TANGELO August 08, 2009
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