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1. noun: Villanova University, a Catholic school in Delaware County Pennsylvania; the town of Villanova, PA.

2. verb: "To villanova," to take a large advantage for granted, thus directly causing a loss of said advantage.
1. I go to Villanova, Core Humanities is weak.

2. My favorite team is up by twelve points, I just hope they don't villanova the second half.
by andrew March 31, 2005
A pussy. The place where guys love to get in.
That girl had a tight towanda.
by Andrew February 15, 2005
an insignificant LOSER.
We should promote peace, just tell me when its all over
by andrew April 07, 2005
jewish mystic, or gypsy
that shylock stole my watch
by andrew December 26, 2004
A word used to describe someone as a nigger.
Youre a fuckin mcnabb.
by andrew February 27, 2005
a guy who reads,thinks,and plays nothin but warcraft
andy!!!! you scmuck.
by andrew March 11, 2004
Big Monkey Woman
Get me away from that BMW
by andrew June 07, 2003

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