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1 definition by AMy Lyn

Job corps is a place of pain and suffering. They will tell you that the foods great, that the rules are not so bad and that it is a very clean and nice campus full of polite younge adults.The food sucks and constantly makes people puke,Its smelly dirty and whoever is in charge of janitorial services is on some good shit. The teacher are ass holes with a few exceptions. The ass holes like center director and their staff are cracking down on alll the students for no reason other than the fact that he cant get laid like most of the staff here. I JUST WISH THEY COULD GET A LIFE. You get write ups for every thing here including sticking up for yourself if a teacher is High school starts insulting you and you tell him that special place you will put your foot. So fuck Job Corps Unless you really need thhis dont go.This school is not so bad if you dont live here i wish i did not live here.So now i just have to say Job corp is a thorn in my side, a breaking of my spirit, a crushing of my souland a pain in my ass. So when you come here get ready to sign away all your constitutional rights so have a nice day and mabey you will get a lay.
-Job corps decided to bring a dog on center so smell out any drug holder which corrupted class time for the students who did not have any drug involvement. These actions are bullshit they needto realize no matter where you are there are idiots who do drugs.

-They dont let you where pajamas outside of the dorm because it is not "appropriate" WORK PLACE BEHAVIOR OR DRESS. tHAt IS PRETTY LAME SINCE

-If i leave campus with out permission mind you that i am 20 years old i get a write up and have too do chores for leaving without permission.

- student#1 "dID you here that anthony got terminated for yelling a staff member when the staff member was yelling at him first"......Student#2 "WHat thats the third person who got terminated this week for no real reason mabey this is hell?"
by AMy Lyn March 05, 2008