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1. hitting your target

2. thinking that passing laws against owning guns will keep criminals from using them while breaking other laws, like killing people

3.The reason lots of elderly people are now the victims of assaults in Australia.

4. The perfect prelude to any holocaust or genocide you plan on perpetrating.
Gun control was the smartest thing Hitler ever implemented.
by AMERICA FUCK YEAH! February 17, 2011
1.The founding fathers insurance against ending up with another tyrannical government. It's interesting that our current president seems to think that instead of having firearms to defend our lives and liberties we should hand them over to the U.N. because they'll protect you... Say what you will about Bush but at least he knew when to tell the U.N. to fuck off because America will do what we damn well please.

2. The Amendment that makes sure you keep all the other ones.

3.The amendment most attacked by the liberal media using the first.
The second amendment guarantees that help can be closer than the police station.
by AMERICA FUCK YEAH! February 17, 2011

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