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Something A black man cannot live without. In fact the phrase "Everything taste like chicken" most have come from a black male. They are typically greasy wings (if fried) high in everything like cholesterol, sodium etc.. in other words this sh** will block your arteries. Usually found in the hood. How would you know in your in the hood. I'm glad you asked! If you see a Chinese restaurant, a liquor store, a strip joint and a church all in the same block your definitely in the hood. Which at this point you will only have just a few minutes before you get jacked. Your only escape may be for you to act retarded and shit on your pants and you might get away unharmed but you can say goodbye to your jewelry wallet ect. Areas you will find, if need further assistance OpaLocka , liberty city ect.
Tyrone: yo i'm hungrier than a motha%@*^, nig** is got the muchies

Pookey head: Yo im riding to the store get me some chicken wings

Tyrone: yo grab me a 40 and a phillie

Pookey head: Aiight , peace im out !
by AL B July 04, 2006

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