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a trench rammer or "Wacker" - basically a petrol engine driving a flat stomper, used for compacting earth back into a trench or flattening local repairs in tarmac.

So called because of its prolific use by apparently irish road labourers.
this hole's ready for filling, we'd better go and borrow Paddy's motorbike.
by Al January 29, 2005
to jerk off (Philly slang)

Strapper - a jerk off
Strap Artist - a jerk off
Straphappy - masturbates too much
Ignore him, he's real strap artist.
by Al December 11, 2003
Derived from the character 'Arvid' from Head of the class. Someone who is nerd-ish and basically has no social status. Also symbolic of someone who is clumsy and dopey looking.
That guy is so skinny and aardvark!
by Al April 27, 2004
1. One who practices discriminatory behavoir based on gender. The individual may be of either sex, and may discriminate against their own sex, as well as the opposite sex.
1. Sally hates me, because she is a femenist, and I am a man, which makes her a dirty sexist.
by Al October 12, 2003
a baller; a player; someone who calls all the shots around him.
by Al January 20, 2003
someone from riverside, driving HUGE (little man syndrom) lifted trucks with a FOX racing sticker on the back, farmers tan, pucka shell necklace, and anything with flams on it ex:sunglass, boardshorts
that bouy out in the water is a total 909er
by AL April 04, 2004
1. A lifestyle for people who didn't get out enough to join a real cult. Involves reading "technical manuals", obsessing about minute details of trivia, and attending conventions where 90% of the people are wearing spandex.

2. One of several shows that feature spandex-wearing people from "the future". Characterized by total lack of plot, total lack of acting ability by leads, terrible dialogue, "alien" races with identical-to-human behaviors and norms, a tendency to always be on one of UPN, Sci-Fi, TNN, or WB late=nights, and complete overuse of the "ass-shot" (a camera shot where the actor is zoomed in or out on using the ass as a focal point).

3. Starting point of Willaim Shattner's career.
1. I drove past a Star-Trek convention the other day and swore I'd become a Branch-Dividian before I ever did that shit.

2. I was watching UPN at 3 am when Star-Trek came on, but I wound up watching the Home-Shopping Network, because at least they have decent cinematography.

3. Willaim Shattner was on Star-Trek? You mean that guy who does spoken versions of rap songs?
by Al October 14, 2003

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