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1) Was a nickname for Jacques Clemenceau, leader of France during and afer world war one. (I assume people who use this name today probably heard about it from a history lesson)

2) A clothing brand likened to lacoste because if it's tiger logo.

3) A new wave punk band

4) I could include that the name was used in zoolander, but I won't... Hey wait a second!
"Le tigre totally pwned Germany after WWI. (Just an example not my words)"

"Le tigre? WTF, you lacoste wannabe. (Again not my words, don't hit me)"

"Wow, if only I knew more about the band "Le tigre" then I might actually be able to write an example or summat."

"HAHAHAHA, look at the way he said he wasn't going to include the fact that le tigre is used in Zoolander but then he did, he's so funny I want his babies."
by AKALucifer October 29, 2005

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