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Similar to a "Gringo" in Mexican terminology, but originally a Native American term from mountain Indians, pre-Five Nations.

This is a word that means the lowest form of human. The word is also commonly used by Inner-city Italians, quite possibly adopted by the rowdy, Italians who visited the friendly Natives.
A iWasichu/i is a "fat stealer", a Washi-Manu is one who i"steals everything/anything/i and a Jamoche is a "iPOS with no morals/i"

Pauly: "So dis jamoche was hangin' `round like he knew someone and had reason to be there, So I says to him, 'Eh; Do I know you? Wudda you doin' here?' You know what he says? Yeah, that scum bag piece of shit says to me, he says; His mutha thought havin' a kid would be a good idea. Then he yells at me..."

"Watsamatta you, va fongul; You a wise-guy or sumpin?"

"... So I shot the piece of shit in the knee, that mooley, piece of shit. The nerve of that guy...

"... Wait, there's more. While fixing his knee I says to him, I says 'Yeah, I'm a wise-guy... VA FONGUL?l'. I mean, it's not like he was gonna be usin' that leg, he didn't act like he was plannin' on walkin' anywhere anytime soon. Piece of shit. You should have seen him. Nobody cared `bout him, so we threw him in the collettore where he belonged. I couldn't believe the mouth on him. That fuckin' Jamoche. Anyways... wudda youse guys doin' here?"
by AKA3Toes December 01, 2009

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