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27 definitions by AK

blow job
last night i fucked her right after she gave me sloppy 3rd.
by ak November 14, 2003
4 14
Something Ryan Francis says
we know Ryan we know...
by AK April 17, 2003
60 120
a person with no school activities other than band. A person who talks obsessively about the band and the directors. Usually wears fog dog musicwear shirts and makes odd noises saying it is music. They like to congegate in groups and talk about band. They are usually never alone out of fear of rejection and never wonder far from the band hall they also are very nasty closet freaks in large numbers on the band bus where crazy things happen.
I was like totally in the band hall and the director told me to play higher and then.
by ak March 03, 2004
55 149
a pig (derived from pig latin)
look at how that girl eats, she's such a nidhi
by ak March 29, 2005
46 146
Depressed people who use razor blades and other sharp objects to cut themselves. They also do it to try to be cool, or escape life. they dont talk to people about it they just resort to it.
im depressed i think im gonna cut.
by ak March 15, 2005
66 356
The best porn site out there. Dirty Sanchez is a stud, picks up all the girls!
Dude, I saw your mom getting boned on BANG BUS!!!
by AK February 21, 2005
340 655