26 definitions by AK

animal (in Armenian)
Hey hayvan come here.
i know that you are fukin hayvan.
by AK August 27, 2003
Undercover name for the restaurant chain "Hooter's" that married men or men who still live at home use.
by ak March 14, 2003
The Thomas B. Walker III Scholar of Excellence and overachievment
"Darius is awesome"
-Darius "Simply" White
by ak February 09, 2004
Quaalude. (Downer pills/pantydroppers).
"Let's give these ladies some mandrakes"
by AK March 02, 2005
the wrong way of spelling conrade this is often mispelt by people.

a term often used by communist wannabes spelled in an archaic language
Though Felix , the wannabe air cadet, would pass as a communist in speech. He'd fail in typing when referring to Mao as "conrade" because he clearly cant spell.
by ak March 08, 2005
blow job
last night i fucked her right after she gave me sloppy 3rd.
by ak November 14, 2003
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