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A domestic goddess who shares alot of stereotypical, outdated, characteristics of women in the 1950s, such as:

.Wearing pearls while baking
.Acts extremely naive when it comes to sex.
.Very cheery, pretends to be happy.
.Treats her husband like a king, literally.
.Needs to looks her absolute best while working her ass off.
.Prepares dinner an hour early before he husband comes home from work.
.Lets her hubby do all the talking for her.
.Bright, sunny, insanely clean house.
.Sexually repressed.
.Wears demure, feminine clothes.
.Fantasies about other men, such as a next door neighbor, her son's best friend or a celeb.
.Never speaks her mind.
.On her free time, sometimes goes shopping or to the beauty salon.

"Shes dedicating her life as a homemarker?"
"What is she trying to a 50s housewife?"
by AJV14 December 21, 2007
Someone or something that is famous for having a bad reputation.
Infamous moments in pop culture include: the puffy shirt on Seinfeld, Tom Cruise's couch-humping (I mean jumping) incident, and of course Paris Hilton.
by AJV14 July 22, 2008
Members (usually in US, Australia, UK) born (1977-1994). Who's pop culture peaks in the 1990s and 2000s. They are also called Echo Boomers, Y Generation, and the most annoying one Generation Why? Often interior to Generation X (1965-1976) and the Baby Boomers (1946-1964).
Ashton Kutcher, Paris Hilton and Katie Holmes are well known stars of Generation Y.
by AJV14 December 20, 2007
People born (1946-1964). A generation that was around to see the Watergat scandal, hippies, black rights movement and the moon landing. Often the generation that changed the way we looked at American culture.
Madonna, Tom Cruise and Bill Gates are considered the richest Baby Boomers in the world.
by AJV14 December 20, 2007

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