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The action of riding a giant ostrich naked while rubbing honey on your genitals, while doing a handstand with a cuccumber in your butt. Finally finishing off by doing a flip and landing on your back therefore having the ostrich devour your genitals.
He totally just got an Agosto.

That Agosto was really cool!
by AJSS126 November 29, 2011
Playing Hockey naked using your penis as the hockey stick and wearing condoms on your fingers. Using a frozen turd ball as the hockey puck. and the goal is a fat womens yeast infected loose vagina
That kid is really good at playing Brenc
by AJSS126 November 29, 2011
a fat ugly kid who thinks hes smart as hell but is just a big dick he also has ladies problem and might end up turinnig gay his realtion ships also end horrible. p.s. hes a cum guzzling shit stain
Did you see that youman right there?
by AJSS126 November 15, 2011

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