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slang for my nigga, but can be used by the white boy due to less offensive tendancies. Warning: only attempt with the boys, do not call a random large black man a nukka...or prepared to be shot
Word to my nukka!
What up nukka?
by AJM February 20, 2003
getiing shot with sperm or shooting your sperm
i will sploodge on your face
by ajm April 04, 2003
intimdation to get what you want
he stood over me for all my hard earned drug money
by AJM March 14, 2005
Sneedlegrits are a two week collection of summary assignments which are completed after each new lesson to check for basic understanding

Student- sneedle grits!
by Ajm September 16, 2012
Also an exclamation to cut short another beast that perhaps is correct, but the speaker does not wish to acknowledge this possibility and uses this term to divert the attention of others as well as himself. Originating from King of the Hill, "Boy I'll tell you what," several such phrases arose such as 'bald-headed coat sack' and the more permanent 'bah tey fweh.' It is from the latter that "bahteys" derives, and is used in no related manner, but really in any way a beast pleases.
So basically you..
by AJM January 04, 2004
majority of people who added definitions on this site see also geek,dork,gronk,loser.
hey , this is the 2nd definition i did , gee im such a fucking geeky assed nerd
by AJM March 14, 2005
a sissy. an adult acting out like a child and looking rediculous
you look like such a boobaa fighting with that kid
by ajm April 04, 2003

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