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2 definitions by AJDL;SDJ;LS

A common phrase used to describe the act of being pushed into a large mountain of pineapples. Upon stumbling his/herself to his/her feet, he/she is then knocked to the ground and stomped on repeatedly by a furious Micheal J Fox wearing figureskates. Upon admittance to the hospital, a unborn leopard is fed through the UV into the victims blood stream.
Oh Man, what happened to that chick?
I heard her boyfriend gave her an Andre!
He's so heartless how could he do such a thing!
by AJDL;SDJ;LS August 17, 2011
Man, if only there was cocaine back then...
And so Benjamin Franklin rose his arm above Madison's head.

"You must be this tall to be president"

Followed by tears, tiny tears.

Oh, and John Adams screams like a girl.
by AJDL;SDJ;LS August 17, 2011